SoftBank iPhone6 Plus - 64GB (GOLD)

64GB - Simfree Unlocked


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Simfree Unlocked Apple  iPhone6 Plus - 64GB - SIM-free  GOLD overseas available

Product nameAU, SoftBank  iPhone 6Plus [64GB] gold
Initial OSIOS 8.0
Number of camera pixels8 million pixels
Built-in storage64 GB
Screen size5.5 inches
Quality ControlJapan
SIM standardNano apple compactable card
Release date2014/09/19

Fully Unlocked

Apple iPhone 6plus - 64GB - SIM-free  UNLOCKED for overseas use - Manufaturer Unlocked iPhone 6 plus

  1. Phone, insert any SIM card from all GSM mobile network and ready to use, without any manual effort.. enjoy your liberty!

No Jailbreaking, No Adapter or chip, simply 100% simfree unlocked iPhones 64 GB

It is SIM Free, meaning it can be used anywhere in the world. Any phone network in Uganda, Kenya, India, Cameroon, Ghana, Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Guinea, Egypt, Afganistan, Pakistan, Europe and across the globe.

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