Docomo Samsung Galaxy Note SC-05D

Unlocked Galaxy Note SC-05D



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It is SIM Free, meaning it can be used anywhere in the world. Any phone network in Uganda, Kenya, India, Cameroon, Ghana, Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Guinea, Egypt, Afganistan, Pakistan, Europe and across the globe.

Fairly used Samsung Galaxy Note SC-05D (Unlocked) SIM-FREE can be used on any network in and outside of Japan
This phone has been unlocked professionally and can work on any network world wide. Samsung Galaxy Note SC-05D model originally locked to Docomo Network in decent working condition.

  1. Phone, Battery and Charger included
  2. Oversea use supported. Sim-Free - GSM / 3G * Wifi


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¥ 8,000.00

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