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SoftBank iPhone 6s Simfree Unlocked 16GB

SimFree iPhone6s Unlocked


Fully Factory Unlocked, call: 090-9568-1982

Apple iPhone 6s - 16GB - SIM-free  UNLOCKED for overseas use - Manufaturer Unlocked iPhone 6s

  1. Phone, insert any SIM card from all GSM mobile network and ready to use, without any manual effort.. enjoy your liberty!
  2. Battery and charger included
  3. No box, no ear-piece

No Jailbreaking, No Adapter or chip, simply 100% Manufacturer / Simfree unlocked iPhones 16 GB

It is SIM Free, meaning it can be used anywhere in the world. Any phone network in Uganda, Kenya, India, Cameroon, Ghana, Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Guinea, Egypt, Afganistan, Pakistan, Europe and across the globe.


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